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Digital and Social Media Strategy
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Against a backdrop of increasing competition, and amongst businesses and customer sophistication, traditional social media marketing strategies struggle to create the buzz and momentum they once did.

Enter Gorillaz Media ...

A Melbourne based digital agency who design and deploy strategies tailored to your niche. Gorillaz Media are specialists in emerging social media platforms (like Snapchat) with expertise in every social media platform, and the ability to build and execute a complete end to end marketing strategy.

Our mission? To give your brand a unique position, tell your story, and use the right channels to convert followers to customers.

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Rob de Rozario

aka Rob Dee

Rob Dee hails from a banking and trading background and is a fearless entrepreneur with boundless energy. With a diverse range of technical skills and knowledge, Rob ensures your brand’s in safe hands.

Rob Weir

aka Rob Dub

Rob Dub is a self-taught business entrepreneur who built a globally recognised fashion brand through the power of social media. Where most people talk about it, Rob’s already done it.

Lion - Power Animal