Don’t let the virus effect your Digital Activities


As the world shuts down due to the Coronavirus and industries like hospitality and tourism become very difficult to stay above water, it’s now more than ever very important to keep activity going on your online channels. Why? Well simply to ensure another beast doesn’t destroy your marketing efforts…. “The Algorithm”


Now I am not saying to go all guns blazing or keep up with your existing strategy & spending, but to make you do not forget how critical this can be for your business on the other end of this devasting situation. As healthy engaging, updating and posting will keep you accounts ticking over while most of the physical world stops


Remember the algorithm is a robot with no emotion or care and is not immune to the other concerns we are all going through right now. So, by keep feeding it good content with which creates engagement will help you appear relevant when everything starts going back to normal hopefully in a few months’ time.


So, what should you do?



Firstly, understand your cashflow and the time you have going into these dark months.

  • Can you afford a third party anymore?
  • Can you afford a staff member to manage these accounts?
  • Do you now have more time to take control of your accounts while things are slow?

Once you know where you sit you can adjust your marketing efforts online to suit what you can commit to and what you can afford.


Get Creative, now could be a time to ask your followers question in different formats and channels to keep them seeing you as relevant while being online.

Some examples could be.

What they like on the menu?

What they don’t like on the menu?

Outside your food products what do they like about your venue?


These types of activities can benefit your business, as you will get a great insight on what should change in your business based on your customers feedback and suggestions.


As well as engaging in a community which is going to be starved of connection. People want to feel wanted and times like this when the world will restrict us from these primal feeling, companies who feed us assense of belonging will further build trust and brand authority.


Check your stats and style. Now things have slowed down it is a great time for you to dig deep into the data you have available and see where you can improve and what actions you need to take before opening again. Does certain post engage better? Does time of day matter or day of the week matter? Which channels are bringing in the most awareness and engagement?


In conclusion. A lot of brands are going to panic and look may lose sight of long term goals with their online marketing. But in a world that is almost fully digital to discover new places to go eat and travel closing down these channel and starving algorithm can be counter productive and pull you even further back



No hook, I am not selling and service or trying to bait you in as a reader to do so, this is more about sharing my thoughts on an industry which I love, and hope thrives in the near future. Let’s work together to make the world a better place on and offline.

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