Local Stores and Digital


In our world we call them “Digital Dinosaur”, businesses which have been established for years and have little or no presence online. These companies have either neglected or not been concerned with moving part of their operations online, mainly due to their demand has always been heavily built around foot traffic and local communities. Some of these companies would even out date the internet itself and have been successful with never needing to run an online campaign to boost up their bottom line.


But now the world is changing faster than expected and though online was always going to be needed at some stage the situation around the Covoid-19 has made this more evident.


As the public are told to stay home by our Governments, consumers are looking for abilities to get essentials they once went out for to be delivered directly to their door or be pre-purchased so pick up is seamless and without needing to line up around other people to respect the social distancing measures and practices that will at least to some degree stay with society for years to come.


So what can these so called digital dinosaurs do about getting online when this has never been a problem before?


Firstly get your business a Website (e-commerce preferred) where people can find you, discover or search your range of products and also put in online orders.


The old school business that adapt faster will reap the rewards to not only assist existing customers but also open up their products to new age GEN Z consumers who’s main preference is buy at home and buy on demand.


We at Gorillaz Media have developed a range of packages to suit clients in these particular industries which include building out end to end solution to get you selling online. Our experience, not only building our clients online stores but also building our own brands online gives us a total understanding of what businesses need to do, what obstacles need to be overcome and how to continually grow online to make this exercise not only an acute solution but a long standing one which can complement their business when things go back to at least some normality.


So get in touch with our team and we will work with you on choosing a plan that suits you at our aggressive rates that make you confident you will be making an investment that will bring a great new line of income into your business.

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