Tradies On Digital


The trade industry is well known for their handy skills with their hands but how are they on a keyboard? As the world progressively moves online, the trade industry are poorly represented, presenting ample opportunities for ambitious tradesman to promote their skills online.


Yellow Pages (what is that?)

The days are gone where most if not all tradesman’s sales come from printed advertising space in either the yellow pages or local newspaper. Why? Well, people don’t read them anymore, they google them. This means it’s important to rank on Google search, especially in the top three spots for keysearch terms in your trade.Using a customized SEO campaign can help you rank higher, but be warned the results are not instant – it takes time and should be seen as a ‘slow burn’, however, once you do rank in these key positions be prepared to get a flurry of inquiries which can potentially lead to many sales.


Social Media, yes Social Media

Tradesmen know that great reputation comes from good word of mouth, and social media is incredibly powerful to amplify traditional recommendations from your inner circles and clients.

Social media channels are a great opportunity for showcasing your work, for reviews, and shares with their online connections, whether that be friends, family or a broader audience. Small businesses that are really seeing great results are answering enquiries and even quoting jobs based on work people like from their portfolio where possible.

How about a video demonstrating your skills with the tools? Or a video showing you completing jobs from start to finish? Putting a face to your business will build trust with your customers. Or why not have a video compilation of testimonials from satisfied customers talking about the work you did.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you don’t want to wait for the long-term benefits of SEO then start a PPC campaign on Google. You can bid for a place at the top of the search results for when someone searches for your key terms, which will contribute to inbound clicks and calls. But you must have a clear understanding of what your customers will be asking Google before starting out. This ensures you do not over spend, or worse, don’t convert leads from your campaign. There are tools like Keyword Planner that can help you develop and understanding of how people search and ask the question on Google, which you can leverage in creating your campaign.


We have seen great results with our tradesman clients especially using SEO for those who understand the concept of long-term gain for short-term sacrifice. If waiting is not part of your plan no worries as we also build articulate Social and PPC Strategies to get your name out there to the community.

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